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We Accept Wildlife Videos from Anywhere!

Film & Earn

Upload Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Wildlife Content  and Earn Cash

  • We are experts at making wildlife videos and photos go viral

  • We split the revenue earned with you every month

  • Individual earnings have ranged from $5-$1,500.

  • Average earning sees around $10-$25 per video

How Do You Earn?
  • Upload your video via our Film and Earn program

  • The team reviews videos weekly – if we approve your video we will let you know

  • Once approved, we promoted your video on our social media platforms

  • You stand to earn extra money

Source of Income
  • YouTube (Ads)

  • YouTube Content ID (Earning off  of footage)

  • Facebook (Ads)

  • TV Shows (License sales)

  • Websites (License sales)

What Goes Viral?
  • Videos and photos that tell a story

  • Action packed hunts and fights

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